4. Appeals Procedure of the Society

The objective of this procedure is to provide a member who has a grievance with the Society an opportunity to have the grievance examined and resolved at the earliest practical moment and at the most local level possible.

While the matter is being considered under the Appeals Procedure, the operation of the Society cannot be interrupted. The person(s) raising the matter shall continue to comply with the rules of the Society during the course of the examination of the matter in question. By so doing he/she will not create any precedent nor will his/her membership of the Society is prejudiced in any way in relation to the matter being processed.

The procedure to apply shall be as follows:

Stage 1

A member who feels aggrieved in relation to any matter pertaining to Society business should, in the first instance, write to the Chairman of the Council of the Society, making it clear, that stage 1 of the appeal procedure is being invoked. The Chairman will reply as soon as is reasonably practicable, but I any case within thirty days from receipt of the letter from the appellant.

Stage 2

If the grievance is not resolved at Stage 1, or a reply is not forthcoming from the Council Chairman within 30 days, the member(s) may request in writing, that at their next Council meeting, the Council allow the member(s) to attend the meeting during the period that the grievance is being considered. The member will be allowed to make an oral submission on the grievance. The Council will then reconsider the issue and must communicate its decision to the appellant within thirty days.

Stage 3

If the issue remains unresolved after stage 2, the member(s) may request an independent hearing. The Council shall grant such a hearing. Appeals at stage 3 will be heard by an individual or group of individuals with appropriate expertise, agreed by both parties to the dispute. From the date of appointment of the person(s) hearing the appeal, the case will be heard and the decision taken will be communicated to both parties within three months. The person(s) hearing the case will decide on the appointment of costs, as appropriate.

Stage 4

Any dispute that remains unresolved after stage 3 may be pursued by invoking provisions under the legal personality of the Society: ICOS. (1963 Companies Act as well or just ICOS)

The Society expects all its members to abide by the rules, regulations and standards established by the Society.