Meat Qualities






Tag Nbr           D.O.B             Grade              Dead Weight   Dam                Sire                  Slaughter

40962              03/02/14          U+4-                527                  Faltic               4 Candles        26mts

10968              13/02/14          U=4=               425                  Coquelicot       4 Candles        24mts

80982              04/03/14          U=4-                426                  Elka                 4 Candles        24mts

50988              11/03/14          U=3=               414                  Everest            4 Candles        24mts

21001              03/04/14          U-4+                413                  Djameira          4 Candles        23mts

61005              27/04/14          R=3+               397                  Gladys             4 Candles        22mts

50955              20/01/14          U=4-                441.8   twin     Delta               4 Candles        25mts

60956              20/01/14          U=3-                445.1   twin     Delta               4 Candles        26mts

40970              14/02/14          U=4-                449.2               Tashkent          4 Candles        26mts

20977              26/02/14          R=4+               433.6               Vinny              4 Candles        25mts

30978              27/02/14          U-4-                 463.2               Elise                4 Candles        25mts

30986              09/03/14          U+4-                450.6               Fontiah            4 Candles        25mts

40987              10/03/14          U=3+               431.2               Gum                4 Candles        25mts

60989              14/03/14          U-3=                417.5               Daffodil          4 Candles        26mts

80990              14/03/14          U=4-                432                  Dominica         4 Candles        25mts

90991              15/03/14          U-4-                 414.2               Ecrin                4 Candles        25mts

10992              18/03/14          U=3+               470.2               Cotton             4 Candles        24mts

70973              19/02/14          U+4=               428.3               Basel               4 Candles        26mts

90975              22/02/14          U-3=                437.1               Grizzly            4 Candles        26mts

10984              07/03/14          U-3=                427.1               Reinette           4 Candles        25mts


Eddie Walsh & Sons Craft Butchers was established in June 1962 by Eddie Walsh in Ballintra, Co. Donegal. They supply high quality award winning meats which comes straight from their farm to your fork.


EWS Traditional Butchers run by three generations of the Walsh family claimed a host of titles at the recent event organised by the Butchery Excellence Scheme (BES). This family-run business is proudly carrying on the tradition that began when Eddie Walsh opened his butcher shop in Ballintra in 1962. Eddie passed away in May last year but his name and his craft live on through his family. Winning this prestigious competition will add to an already strong reputation for quality meat and great customer care.

The Ulster Sausage and Burger Competition took place recently at CAFRE’s Loughry campus in Cookstown, Co Tyrone. EWS Traditional Butchers were awarded the overall prize after winning the Best Traditional & Housewife’s Choice Sausage and the Best Steak Burger categories.

Liam Walsh from EWS Butchers said: “We are very proud to have won the overall accolade at the Ulster Sausage & Burger Competition, especially in the competition’s inaugural year. We were up against some serious contenders from other talented butchers but we were confident that our products could take away the top prize.”

The award-winning burger developed by EWS Traditional Butchers was also a winner in the Barbeque category at last year’s All-Ireland competition by the Association of Craft Butchers of Ireland.

They are also winners of the Best in Ireland Award in 2012, 2013 and 2014!


Some of the EWS Craft Butchers team!


WP WALSH, BUTCHER at EWS says’When we first saw the Aubrac Breed, we found them to be an exceptional butchers animal. Having purchased a number of Aubrac Cattle for our own breeding purposes, when at a later stage a few of the progeny were slaughtered for our own butchery use, we found that the Aubrac Beef possessed a perfect covering of light fat and some marbling. The carcass of the Aubrac have the correct amount of muscle also and a meat to bone ratio and bone-out percentage which is second to none. The Aubrac carcasses have preformed exceptionally in the factories and continue to hit the U’s and E’s grade consistently’.


Aubrac Steak

Not only does the Walsh family have Prize-winning Beef, they also have prize-winning Aubrac show cattle!

Watch video from the Rockhill Aubrac Herd here:

Purchase their Multi- award winning Aubrac beef direct from their butcher shop.  Visit their website here 

Contact EWS here 

Kill- Out Results:

Crossbred Progeny sired by Aubrac Stockbull- Johnstown Frank 6014, slaughtered from the farm of Joseph Cunnane, Derrybrack Aubracs, Kilkelly, Co. Mayo.

Kill- out results from the farm of Joseph Cunnane, Derrybrack Aubracs, Kilkelly, Co. Mayo. The Herd has the calf- to beef enterprise product in place, which results in all bulls and some heifers calves being slaughtered in the local factory and local butcher shop.

Kill out Derrybrack Aubracs

Crossbred Heifers