Aubracs are low maintenance cattle that are well adapted to the rough mountainous terrain from where they originate. They are hardy and excellent foragers able to feed on low-cost roughage without compromise to their meat or milk production.


The Aubrac cattle breed has a long sturdy muscular body with short to medium length powerful legs. They have a well-developed face structure usually with white patches over the eyes and snout. The bottom half of their legs can also be white as well as a patch on their chests. Their noses and feet are dark browns as well as the tip of their tails and ears.
Size: Medium to large
Breed Color: Tan with white patches Slighter darker tan than the cow and can also have white patches
Breed Weight: 600 to 750 kgs 900 to 1100 kgs
Breed Height: 129 cm 140 cm
Horns: They had horns that grow from the side of their head and curve forward They have horns that grow from the side of their head and curve forward
Temperament: Gentle and well behaved Gentle and well behaved. Bulls should always be handled with caution.
Matures at age: 6 to 8 months or 9 + months 6 to 8 months or 9 + months
Puberty Age: 6 to 15 months 9 to 10 months
Breeding Age: 13 to 15 months 1 year
Breeding Traits: See Cow breeding & Milking Info Cover 25 to 30 Cows in 1 season


Aubrac cows have great longevity and can breed right up to around 16 years of age bearing a calf every year. They produce an excellent quality of milk for their calves and have really good maternal instincts. They calf easily producing healthy, strong calves with normally no intervention required.
Breeding Period/cycle: Usually lasts 6 to 24 hours
Most ave. 12 to 16 hours
Cows usually come on heat every 21 days.
Estrous cycle: Ave. 17 days to 24 days
Heifer – usually ave. 20 days
Cows – usually ave. 21 days
Gestation Period: Usually, around 279 to 287 days but most gestation is 283 days. Cows that are carrying bull calf’s their gestation period is usually a little longer than cows that are carrying heifer calves.
No. Calves/Litter: 1 calf at a time. Cows rarely have twins or triplets, but it can happen
Lactation Period: Cows lactation period can last for up to about 10 months (305) days.
Milking From: 1 to 6 weeks after Calving
Drying off Period: The cow should have a 12 to 14-month inter-calving cycle. Drying off period for around 60 days before she can calve again.
Milk Quality: Good, Quantity: 2180 kg – 4.3% butterfat content per Lactation period
Milk Ideal for: Calves, drinking, cheese, and various other dairy products


The Aubrac is renowned for the world-class flavour and tenderness of its beef. Aubrac beef has a high marbling, superb tastes and tenderness with a high bone to meat ratio and with very little waste. This high meat to bone ratio makes for high kill-out percentages weights and consistent E and U grades of excellent quality meat.
Meat Production? Yes, Quality: Excellent
Ave. Maturity Age: 6 to 8 months 9 months up to 4 years


Most cattle produce a hide by-product. Aubrac cattle have a good quality hides that produces high leather quality leather products.
hide Production? Yes, Quality: Good
Hide is used to Produce: Calf/cow hide leather products such as shoes, car seats, fine leather coats, gloves, handbags, belts, furniture, rugs, etc.
Age they Produce from: 6 to 8 months for Calf skin 9 months + for Cattle hide
1 to 2 years old for Normal leather