1. Members – Rights and Obligations

a) To be admitted a member of the Society by the Board, an applicant shall be the owner or part owner in Ireland of a pure bred breeding Aubrac female eligible to be registered in a Herd Book, within 18 months of joining the Society. Each person on being admitted a member shall be given a copy of the current Breeding Programme.

b) A herd name that has been used by one member may not contemporaneously be used by another member. The Council at their discretion may approve herd name transfers.

c) It is a condition of membership of the Society that all members join Animal Events and agree to partake in those elements of the Society’s breed improvement programme and classification inspections that the Council may from time to time deem compulsory.

d) Each member shall co-operate with any inspections that the Society may call to do as random spot checks etc. with a minimum period notice of 24 hours.

e) Each member agrees to the Society storing on computer his/her transactions, Herd Book information or any other details which will be updated/maintained by the Society/ and or any Society approved third party.

f) Each member agrees not to alter, change edit or amend any and all information presented on documentation supplied by the Society.

g) Each member agrees not to represent themselves, their views, ideas, or documentation as anything other than their own and as a single subscriber of membership to the Society.

h) Each member agrees to review all documentation, which is supplied by the Society upon receipt to ensure that it is correct and complete.

i) Each member agrees to return without delay any documentation supplied by the Society upon receipt on finding any document to be incomplete or incorrect.

j) Each member agrees to accept all legal responsibility for maintenance and presentation of documentation supplied by the Society related to any and all animals, which the member has registered in the Society’s Herd Book.

k) Each member agrees to return to the Society any and all documentation upon request from the Society when the Society so chooses, for inspection, review reissue of that documentation etc.

l) Each member agrees to sole liability for any breach of his/her agreement, and where the Society may be liable, it will be limited to:

i. The replacement of the defective documentation where possible at no cost to the member,

ii. If the above remedy is not applicable, to refund any fees paid by the member to the Society for that defective documentation.