A programme of official scoring has been put in place by the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation and scoring by an ICBF approved scorer is voluntary.

Appeals on scoring issues should follow the rules laid by the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation for its scorers. Appeals on breed characteristics issues should be forwarded to the Council who may decide to have the animal re-inspected.

A program of official weight recording, progeny and performance testing may be operated in conjunction with the appropriate official body. The data shall be entered on the Herd-Book certificate as decided by the Council.

Purchasers of animals should return the official pedigree certificate to the Society’s office for updating.

The classification of an animal may change after registration if the animal is found to be a carrier of a genetic defect or has other undesirable breed characteristics.

The Aubrac Cattle Breed Society promotes our breed in the following ways;

  1. Shows; Aubrac are exhibited at Tullamore show, the NPA championships, and some regional shows.
  2. Farm walks – 4/5 farm walks are being planned every year, covering all parts of the country.
  3. Year book- A year book is compiled every 2 years.
  4. Website –the aubrac website is been updated on a regular basis to inform members of upcoming events and results. We also promote on face book and Twitter
  5. Advertising – We target ads in the Farmers Journal and the Farming independent and also some regional papers. This helps promote Aubrac to the next generation of breeders.
  6. Aubrac Sales – we organise 2 pre selected Aubrac Sales, in Tullamore.
  7. Field Officer- Our field officer Francis Butler contacts new members and or purchases of Aubracs, to offer help and support.
  8. Herd Book Secretary – Deerpark Farm Services are available 5 days a week for enquiries about the breed, news letter are issued regularly to breeders for updates and reminders.
  9. Trips to France- the Society tries to organise a trip to France to the show every 2 to 3 years
  10. French Inspector – Every second year a French inspector visits Ireland and is available for all herds to inspect and give breeding advice and AI straws.
  11. ICBF – The society works closely with ICBF; we encourage breeders to have their animals scored, and also to join the gene Ireland and WHPP Programme. We promote the use of Aubrac bulls in the Gene Ireland Test Programme by farmers. We also encourage pedigree breeders using a stock bull, to source their new stock bull from the Gene Ireland Participating herds, where the bull has been approved by the ICBF inspector.