13. Technical Activities Outsourced

The following technical activities are outsourced to ICBF:

a) Core Functionality – Taurus (Electronic system for recording & maintaining pedigree of breeding animals entered into the herd book).

b) Zootechnical Certificate generation and Supplementary certificate generation.

c) Catalogue generation application.

14. Authorised Derogations


15. Zootechnical Certificates

The zootechnical certificate printed on Society paper with the animal’s ancestry shall be issued to the Breeder by the Society as soon as reasonably possible, when all the registration criteria are met. The onus is on the breeder to verify that all the information on the certificate is correct and if not to contact the Society’s office with corrections. The procedure for the change of ownership is that the new owner receives the zootechnical certificate, when taking ownership of the animal, and submits it to the Society office. If everything is ok, a new zootechnical certificate will be reissued to the new owner, with name of the new owner displayed on the zootechnical certificate.