7. Procedure for the Entry of Embryos Entries of embryos

Entries of embryos will only be considered that meet the requirements of the main section of the Herdbook. In the case of calves born as a result of the implantation of purchased/imported

embryos the notification should be made by the person whose name appears on the official documentation supplied by the exporting country, including zootechnical certificate (in the case of imported embryos, or on the transfer certificate if purchased in Ireland. A calf born by Embryo Transplant will only be accepted for registration in the Herd Book provided that:

a) the donor female has been notified to the Society on form ET 1, along with a copy of her DNA or Genotype profile prior to flushing. (This form is to be completed by the technician/MRCVS)

b) the proposed sire’s DNA or Genotype profile is lodged with the Society and his pedigree should not contain any ancestors in common with the donor female at the parent and grandparent level.

c) the flushing is carried out by an approved ova/embryo collection team

d) details of the flushing are forwarded to the Society on form ET 2 (Implantation form), duly signed by the registered owner of the donor female and the representative of the approved collection team within 14 days of the flushing.

ET 3 (Embryo Registration Form) has to be completed along with ET 2, and returned to the office.

e) in the case of frozen embryos, the date of thawing and implanting must be notified to the Society on form ET 4, duly signed by the owner and the veterinary surgeon.