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Polled bulls

Otto : Polled bull. Available in sexed semen and conventional. Easy calving. Good depth of chest, good legs and top line. Good width and long thigh. Bloodlines go back to Roussel and Bayon2.

Spirou : Polled, sexed semen only. Grandson of Joker. He can be used on daughters of Otto. His strong points are width of shoulder, pelvis and thigh, and a good growth rate. He can be used on heifers.

Remia : The latest polled bull. Available in sexed semen only. Powerful front end, good width and good growth rate. Can be used on daughters of Otto and Spirou. Bloodlines go back to Eros and Roussel


Ocean : Very deep with excellent breed qualities. Bloodlines with good width and hardiness. Compact and deep calves, good topline, wide muzzle and good legs. Good on cows with good growth potential. Can be used on heifers.

Pacha : width and growth rate, for the production of weanlings. Beefy bull but with a good pelvis, very high performance in thickness and growth potential, to produce quality young stock for growth. His dam is a good cow and produces good replacement heifers and breeding bulls. Despite a high muscular development, he has a good pelvic opening. Do not use on the lines of Bayon and Duroc.

Retortilat : Easy calving. Selected for increasing milk ability, has also good muscular development. Good pelvic opening and good width. His sire is easy calving, age 14 (2023) he is still working and his dam has a good maternal index and calving interval. Bloodlines are outcrosses in AI.

Heritier : He is an exceptional bull with good ease of calving and breed qualities. He produces excellent replacement heifers with good maternal qualities, calving ability and milk ability.

Bayon II. ( code S 580) Bayon passes on to his progeny solid legs and also good width. His daughters are efficient and maternal cows. He can be used on all AI lines except daughters of Duroc. He should not be used on cows lacking in length and top line. AVAILABLE IN SEXED SEMEN.

Jintou : ( code AU 4248) Son of Heritier. Compact bull with a very good top line, he has an excellent calving ease and breed qualities. His daughters have an excellent calving ability. Use on taller cows. Do not use on lines of Heritier, Capitaine, Bogosse and Bison.

Heureux : ( code S 2204) A complete bull, with length, a deep chest, and a long and wide thigh. He has good breed qualities, and a wide pelvis. His dam is an excellent breeder. He is an interesting choice for producing replacement females.

Lancou : (AU 4249) Very deep bull with excellent legs & length. It is a late maturing line. Excellent pelvis and milk ability. He is an ideal bull for producing replacement females and he is from blood lines that are out crosses to the lines used in AI so far. Use on cows. AVAILABLE IN SEXED SEMEN.

Madison : Easy calving, powerful bull with a very good top line and good pelvis. He shows excellent breed qualities. His dam is third on the maternal index list of cows over 10 calvings, His sire will pass on hardiness. Do not use on the lines of Invincible.

Marquis : Easy calving bull, short gestation with excellent breed qualities. His progeny has a good conformation and age at finish. Do not use on the lines of Urubu.

Marley : A complete bull with perfect balance between skeletal development, width, and depth. He has good legs and pelvic opening. He is from bloodlines with good maternal indexes. Do not use on lines of Lioran, Capitain and Heritier.

Mistral : Good growth rate, good legs, Excellent top line and breed qualities. Can be used on smaller cows to improve size. His bloodlines are an outcross in AI.

Loto : His ease of calving index is very high and can be used on heifers. He has an excellent pedigree and his dam has an excellent maternal index. He is an even bull with a very good pelvis opening. Use on cows/heifers with good growth rate. Do not use on the lines of Lioran, Capitaine and Heritier.

Jupiter : Very deep bull, long, with a good top line and excellent breed qualities. He has a good ease of calving and can be used on heifers. Do not use on the lines of Impressario or Heureux.

Oslo : powerful bull, long body and pelvis. Good growth potential, dam good maternal index. Do not use on Bayon lines. Use on cows.

Jubilatoir : Easy calving bull with exceptional pelvis and length of thigh. His progeny has size and length, good legs.

Octave : balanced bull, good breed qualities and thickness, good growth rate. Do not use on Dolby and Indigo lines. Use with caution on heifers.

Genet : from a bloodline with plenty of milk, he produces well balanced calves in thickness and size. They are easy calved with a good pelvis and with of thigh. Use on smaller cows with good depth.

Rocky : Powerful, strong long with a perfect topline and pelvis with exceptional width. Strong in his feet and legs. His sire is recommended for weanling production and his dam has a good milk index. A well balanced bull. His calves are born easily with good and regular morphology with short head and wide muzzle.

Oxford : Priority thickness. He is a powerful, deep bull with a good pelvis. He has good legs and functionality. For the production of heavy weanlings. Do not use on heifers.

Francou : Use on cows only.

Hussard : good ease of calving, can be used on heifers. Good milk ability and maternal qualities. Light of bone. Use on stronger cow. Do not use on the lines of Bogosse.

Armenien : Easy calving. Short gestation, good age at finish and carcass weight. Produces daughters with good milk ability.

Rolex : strong bull with good pelvic opening and strong feet and legs. He will add volume, depth and strength. Use on cows only.

Tyrol : New bull. Grandson of Heritier. Very good results at the bull station, good balance between skeletal and muscular development. Stylish bull with good legs and breed qualities.

Lucarne : Well known in the show ring. Powerful bull with excellent breed qualities. Good maternal index. His calves are wide and deep with good legs. Use on cows.