The Following rules have been adapted by The Irish Aubrac Cattle Breeding Society Council on the 28/10/2021.

Society Membership

  1. To be admitted a member of the Society by the Board, an applicant shall be the owner or part owner in Ireland of a pure bred breeding Aubrac female eligible to be registered in a Herd Book, within 18 months of joining the Society. Each person on being admitted a member shall be given a copy of the current Herd Book Rules.

  2. Each member must make an application to register an approved prefix name comprising of not more than 16 letters. This prefix name shall not have been allocated to another member of the Society, either in the past or present. This shall be applicable to all animals bred and notified by that member, either alone or jointly with any partner or any persons in any one herd. Each animal is identified by the National ID number and by name.

  3. A herd name that has been used by one member may not contemporaneously be used by another member. The Council at their discretion may approve herd name transfers.

  4. It is a condition of membership of the Society that all members join Animal Events and agree to partake in those elements of the Society’s breed improvement programme and classification inspections that the Council may from time to time deem compulsory.

  5. Each member shall co-operate with any inspections that the Society may call to do as random spot checks etc. with a minimum period notice of 24 hours.

  6. The Society shall have the right to maintain a computerised record of member’s transactions with the Society, and reserve the right to penalise members found in breach of procedures vital to the accurate maintenance and integrity of the Herd Book of the Society.

  7. The Society if they so desire, may provide for Associate, Overseas or Commercial breeder, but these shall not enjoy the voting rights of the full members as under the articles of the Society.

  8. The Council may from time to time set or make changes to the fees or penalties i.e. for membership, prefix, registration (homebred or imported), late notification penalties, embryo registration, export certification and transfer and any other current fees in force.

  9. The Society shall operate in a non-discriminatory fashion towards its members.