Animal Registration Procedures


Procedure for Register of Female Calves

There is no form from Aubrac for this type of registration but please note the following procedure.

  • Procedure to register pedigree  female calf;
  • All Pedigree registration  has to be done at birth, by using the animals event book (available via icbf) or via
  • Name animals with letter for the year Example 2021 = ‘R’   2022  = ‘S’
  • Pedigree animals require details of sire at the time of birth, All sires used for pedigree breeding has to be genomic tested.
  • When records are received in ICBF, details will be imported to the Aubrac office and will be invoice to the members.
  • Payment can be done via Direct Debit  or banks transfer
  • Certs will be issued after payment  has been cleared.
  • Genomic testing is optional for females at the moment but will require genomic testing before animals can be sold.  

Procedure for Transfer of Pedigree Animals

  • Only the breeder can register a pedigree animal.
  • Animals sold has to be pedigree register before transfer and parentage verified via genomic testing (sire and Dam verified )
  • When animals is transferred to new owner the seller returns the Pedigree Certificate to the Aubrac office  with the change of ownership completed at the back of the certificate.
  • A transfer fee will be invoiced to new buyer.
  • When payment is received and cleared via on line banking or cheque  a new certificate will be issued to new owner.
  • The  Aubrac Society  has been  informed by the Department of Agriculture that  animas has to be transferred into new owners name so that it can be used for future breeding of Pedigree stock.
  • If a pedigree animals is valued for TB purpose a farmer will not get pedigree value unless  the animal  is in farmers name.