Update: G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme

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ICBF has recently published an update on the G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme.

The publication featured an update and released that, Ballinclea Iveco (VEZ) is the most popular bull on the panel of the 2014 programme, having an order of 470 straws to date. This was released in the ICBF Newsletter the week ending Friday 17th of April 2015.

The newsletter(week ending Friday 10th of April) showed a total of 455  VEZ straws ordered to date.


Ballinclea Iveco.



There are still a number of straws available from Ballinclea Iveco and they can be ordered through ICBF or through our Office.

Due to Iveco’s impressive success in this programme, two more Aubrac Bulls have been selected to enter for testing as part of the 2015/ 2016 Programme.

Currently  a number of our breeders are participants of the ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme.

To recognise members of the G€N€ Ireland Maternal Breeding Programme all participants are awarded with the  G€N€ Ireland Stamp


What is the stamp about?

The Gene Ireland Maternal Bull Breeder stamp is designed to identify pedigree animals that have been bred in a Gene Ireland pedigree herd.

The stamp is displayed:

  • On a Sales Catalogue page for a Bull or Heifer.
  • On the Bull Search facility in the ICBF website for bulls bred in a Bull Breeder herd.

What’s so special about a Gene Ireland pedigree herd?

Pedigree breeder’s that have joined the Gene Ireland program are:

  • Recording extra data on their pedigree animals – birthweights, inseminations, liveweights etc.
  • Visited annually by an ICBF Herd Liaison Officer to ensure that all required data is being recorded accurately and on time.
  • Getting all of their females assessed by ICBF for maternal traits.
  • Offering bulls for inspection and possible purchase by ICBF for semen collection.
  • Playing an extremely important part in identifying young beef bulls with excellent genetics for milk & fertility that will help us reverse the current negative trends for these traits.

See a list of our Breeders below that are participating in the programme:

Aubrac Martin Bermingham Barnaderg Galway 087-1235333
Aubrac Shane Bowers Coole Westmeath 087-9836950
Aubrac Francis Butler Streete Westmeath 086-1647442
Aubrac Francis Donohoe Collinstown Westmeath 087-2518332
Aubrac Alfred H Hanbidge Stratford-on-Slaney Wicklow 087-7832068
Aubrac Lionel Mackey Donard Wicklow 087-9970988
Aubrac Michael McCall Kilcullen Kildare 086-3451373
Aubrac Michael McCauliffe Castleisland Kerry 087-0507376
Aubrac Laurence McGrath Stratford-on-Slaney Wicklow 087-6392794
Aubrac Thomas & Theresa O’Brien Turloughmore Galway 087-6550198
Aubrac Daniel O’Connell Kilnamartyra Cork 087-7857924
Aubrac Sean O’Driscoll Skibbereen Cork 087-9375044
Aubrac John Walsh Ballintra Donegal 087-6786466
Aubrac William P Walsh Ballintra Donegal 087-9525800