Progressive Genetics/ NCBC/ Munster AI Photo Competition

Just to inform our breeders- Progressive Genetics are holding a photo competition – Cow & Calf, all animals entered must be sired by Progressive Genetics (Munster AI/NCBC) sires. These sires include Duches, Perlou, Rockhill Urbano and Turin.

Entries must be submitted before  15th August with as many details as possible such as calving difficulty, calving interval, age of first calving etc, plus Star Ratings if possible.

Entries can me made via Facebook, Twitter with the hashtag #PGILphoto or you can email Ross Hamilton ( Progressive Genetics)

The prize will be dependent on number of entries – a voucher for AI or domestic DIY straws – min €50 voucher.

More details on the Progressive Genetics website, see here.

Last year’s winner of the NCBC All Ireland Photo competition winner was ‘Rockhill Cara’ entered by Joseph & Catherina Cunnane, Derrybrack Aubracs, Kilkelly, Co. Mayo.

We would encourage as many as our breeders as possible to enter this photo competition, as entering will promote your herd, the Aubrac breed and some of the bulls.

Here are some top tips for taking photographs of cattle- Get snapping!

A great animal can look poor in a badly taken photo use the below guide to enable you to take better photos.

A picture says a thousand words:
1. Time: Early or late, the middle of the day is not great! Cloudy days work better than bright clear days.
2. Keep the sun behind you. Stand where your shadow does not fall into the picture.
3. Fill the photo with the whole animal – don’t have bits cut-off.
4. Have the “cow” going uphill. Cattle photograph much better when their front legs are higher than their back legs.
5. It is best for the camera to be lower than the centre of the “cow”. Get down on the ground if necessary. Never take a picture with the camera higher than the cow. It makes them look small (butty).
6. The background of your picture is important, a cow standing in a green pasture.