Progeny Photos Required

turin photo


Progressive Genetics/NCBC/ Munster AI currently have four Aubrac Bulls available-Duches, Perlou, Rockill Urbano and Turin.

Have you got any stock bred by these four sires?

Send progeny photos, along with details to

They will be featured on our website and Facebook, along with the possibility of being featured on the Progressive Genetics Facebook Page, upcoming catalogues, brochures, their website and advertisements! They also hold several photo competitions throughout the year.




Top tips for taking photos:

A great animal can look poor in a badly taken photo use the below guide to enable you to take better photos.

A picture says a thousand words:
1. Time: Early or late, the middle of the day is not great! Cloudy days work better than bright clear days.
2. Keep the sun behind you. Stand where your shadow does not fall into the picture.
3. Fill the photo with the whole animal – don’t have bits cut-off.
4. Have the “cow” going uphill. Cattle photograph much better when their front legs are higher than their back legs.
5. It is best for the camera to be lower than the centre of the “cow”. Get down on the ground if necessary. Never take a picture with the camera higher than the cow. It makes them look small (butty).
6. The background of your picture is important, a cow standing in a green pasture.