One of Ireland’s oldest Aubrac cows?

In December of this year, ‘Dreylands Nolorgue Papine’ will celebrate her 18th Birthday and despite what many may think, she most certainly won’t be going into retirement anytime soon.

She continues to live a long productive life and has recently delivered yet another bull calf unassisted. 

Her own Paul Grace is more than satisfied with her consistent performance.

“The French Aubrac people have told me that the cow is the last remaining daughter alive in the world today by the legendary bull E Ratier Duches. He was the sire of Goeland amongst others. An absolutely fantastic pedigree.Some French breeders have asked me to not put the cow in-calf again and try and flush her.A priceless cow seemingly!!

The calf is by a Bull I recently sold to another breeder, a son of Poupeil who was imported from France and has been in the Ploughing match tent on one or two occasions.” Paul said.

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Irish Aubrac Cattle Society to celebrate 20 years in 2018

2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of Irish Aubrac Cattle Society.

The first Aubrac cattle set foot on Irish soil in 1992, but with interest from numerous breeders the society was officially formed in January 1998.

We will be marking this milestone in a very special way next year, with all details to be published on our website and social media once confirmed.

Hot off the press! Our fourth edition Journal is now available!

At this year’s National Ploughing Championships, we launched the fourth edition Irish Aubrac Cattle Society Journal.

A special words of thanks to our committee- James Donnellan, Ernest Mackey, Mireille McCall, Catherina Cunnane and PJ Pollard for their contributions to this publication.

We have themed this edition around our 20th anniversary which will be celebrated in 2018.

To avail of your copy, you can email our Herdbook Secretary

Alternatively you can grab your copy at any events that we will be attending over the next while.