Aubracs Shine in Sunny South East

Aubrac cattle are becoming ever more popular in the South East of Ireland.

Their qualities as a top suckler breed are becoming increasingly recognised.
Good growth rates, good conformation, excellent feed efficiency, ease of calving, hardiness, and docility all come as standard for the breed. Even dairy farmers are seeing their abilities for producing dairy-bred beef.
At a recent visit by the Aubrac Society’s Council to the Herdbook Secretary’s office in Deerpark, Carrick-on-Suir, members saw how the farm suckler herd is converting to Aubracs, because of those abilities. Others are recognising this too.
The year started with the Royal Dublin Society awarding Aubrac Cow Ballinclea
Babette, owned by Ernest and Lionel Mackey (Donard, Co. Wicklow), the Overall Award for Suckler Cow, “Champion of Champions”.
ICBF have taken in two Aubrac Bulls, as part of the GeneIreland test programme. One coming from the herd of Alfie Hanbidge, (Stratford-on-Slaney, Co. Wicklow), and the other coming from the herd of Francis Donohoe (Collinstown, Co. Westmeath). This follows the success of Ernest and Lionel Mackey’s bull, Ballinclea Iveco last year.
Earlier this year Slaney Meats hosted some Aubrac breeders, at the killing of
some aubrac cross steers and heifers. All graded U’s and R’s, and killed out very well. The factory in Bunclody would welcome more Aubrac cattle, as they are very suitable for their markets.
But breeders are looking to advance the breed even more. A group visited the Sommet de l’Elevage in Clermont (France) last October, as Aubracs were the featured breed. Leo Dooley and Bridget Barron (Clonegal, Co. Carlow) bought two heifers at the show. There were more purchases for breeders in other parts of Ireland.
In times of low profitability in suckler bred beef, farmers are looking for other, better options. More should take a closer look at Aubrac cattle.


Members of the Irish Aubrac Council pictured with Herdbook Secretary Angela Lacey.Photo courtesy of Tom Grace Photography.


Progressive Genetics/ NCBC Photo Competition

Progressive Genetics / NCBC are hosting a competition with prizes such as jackets and AI Straws to be won.

Derrybrack Aubracs were the successful winners of the NCBC All Ireland Beef Cow Championship 2014.
Aubrac breeders are encouraged to send in photos of their progeny sired by Duches, Rockhill Urbano, Turin and Perlou, all of which are NCBC Sires.
Along with the photos, entries must also have as much information as possible about the animals, such as Date of Birth, details about dam and sire and along with information of the farm- Herd name and Location.
Put forward your entries through the Progressive Genetics Facebook Page or Email photos and details to where entries can be forwarded on.
We would encourage our breeders to enter the competition!
More information here on the Progressive Genetics Facebook Page!

Aubrac-Popular Sire Selection for Dairy Cows

Joe O’ Neill, Dairy Farmer

Joe O Neill is a dairy farmer in West Wicklow who runs a herd of 100 Cows.

Traditionally, the herd has consisted of Holstein Friesian cows.

Joe was introduced to the Aubrac Breed, four years ago by his silage contractor. Prior to his introduction to the Aubrac Breed, he had been using Angus sires on his cows, but due to calving difficulties he made the change to running an Aubrac Stockbull with his cows.

The Aubrac Breed appealed immensely to Joe for many reasons, which included the easy calving and the small birth weight of the calves -35KG-45KG. Joe has been very impressed with how small the calves are when born, but turn out to be such excellent animals.


‘ I sell all the calves both bulls and heifers. The heifers are popular with the suckler farmers, as they are in search in top quality replacement and the Aubrac x FR heifers have all the maternal qualities- ease of calving, docility, fertility and profitability, the full package.

‘ I also sell the Bull calves and they are in high demand for feedlots, ticking all the right boxes in terms of correct specifications for factories, excellent kill-out results and easy fed’

‘ I sell all my calves from the farm, no need to go to the mart, farmers are starting to find out how impressive the Aubrac breed really is’ .


Joe feels that the Aubrac Crossbred heifer makes an excellent suckler cow and are becoming a very popular choice in the West Wicklow area and beyond.

‘ I would encourage other Dairy farmers, to consider the usage of Aubrac Sires. My plan is to continue using Aubrac, over the next number of years using AI Sires, as there is a wider selection available. Upon until recent I ran an Aubrac Stockbull with my cows’

Update: G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme

logo ICBF

ICBF has recently published an update on the G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme.

The publication featured an update and released that, Ballinclea Iveco (VEZ) is the most popular bull on the panel of the 2014 programme, having an order of 470 straws to date. This was released in the ICBF Newsletter the week ending Friday 17th of April 2015.

The newsletter(week ending Friday 10th of April) showed a total of 455  VEZ straws ordered to date.


Ballinclea Iveco.



There are still a number of straws available from Ballinclea Iveco and they can be ordered through ICBF or through our Office.

Due to Iveco’s impressive success in this programme, two more Aubrac Bulls have been selected to enter for testing as part of the 2015/ 2016 Programme.

Currently  a number of our breeders are participants of the ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme.

To recognise members of the G€N€ Ireland Maternal Breeding Programme all participants are awarded with the  G€N€ Ireland Stamp


What is the stamp about?

The Gene Ireland Maternal Bull Breeder stamp is designed to identify pedigree animals that have been bred in a Gene Ireland pedigree herd.

The stamp is displayed:

  • On a Sales Catalogue page for a Bull or Heifer.
  • On the Bull Search facility in the ICBF website for bulls bred in a Bull Breeder herd.

What’s so special about a Gene Ireland pedigree herd?

Pedigree breeder’s that have joined the Gene Ireland program are:

  • Recording extra data on their pedigree animals – birthweights, inseminations, liveweights etc.
  • Visited annually by an ICBF Herd Liaison Officer to ensure that all required data is being recorded accurately and on time.
  • Getting all of their females assessed by ICBF for maternal traits.
  • Offering bulls for inspection and possible purchase by ICBF for semen collection.
  • Playing an extremely important part in identifying young beef bulls with excellent genetics for milk & fertility that will help us reverse the current negative trends for these traits.

See a list of our Breeders below that are participating in the programme:

AubracAlfredH HanbidgeStratford-on-SlaneyWicklow087-7832068
AubracThomas & TheresaO’BrienTurloughmoreGalway087-6550198
AubracWilliam PWalshBallintraDonegal087-9525800


Perlou(PRZ) listed in the Top 50 Active AI Sires- Spring 2015

ICBF have recently released the top 50 Active AI Spring Sires of 2015.

Among them is Perlou- PRZ, AI Aubrac Bull, coming in at number twenty five.

Perlou has a maternal index of €165 , with a reliability figure of 86%  and a terminal index of  €110 with a reliability figure of 89%.

He is available from Progressive Genetics at €10 per straw. Order now through your AI Technican or purchase online via their website.

They describe him as a bull that is leaving lovely progeny behind him.

See Euro-star Report

See more details of Perlou here.



ICBF Featured Bull of the week- Turin

logo ICBF

ICBF’s Featured Bull of the week for the week commencing 16th March 2015 was Turin (TIN).


Read the Article:


Turin is an AI Bull available through Progressive Genetics at €12 per straw. Semen can be ordered through your local AI Technican or the Progressive Genetics website- online shop.

Progressive Genetics describes him as ‘ A solid bull, ticking all the boxes, with average calving’

See his Eurostar report here

Turin has sired several bulls that have entered into French AI- Midatest.



Pedigree Aubrac Team- Johnstown Densie 5804 and her bull calf sired by Turin( TIN)

   Pedigree Aubrac Team- Johnstown Denise 5804 and her bull calf sired by Turin( TIN) – Derrybrack Halt, sold for Commercial Breeding.

TIN daughter

TIN daughter





Vote for Derrybrack Aubracs

The ICFTA( Irish Cattle Foot Trimmers Association)  is currently holding a photo competition.

Among the entries include ‘Mayo Models’ an entry from Derrybrack Aubracs, an Aubrac and Aubrac Crossbred Herd based in Kilkelly Co. Mayo.

Derrybrack Aubracs

Derrybrack Aubracs- ‘Mayo Models’

The entry is a photo of some of the Herd’s Pedigree and Commerical crossbred Aubrac calves.

They would appreciate your support by voting for them!

To vote, click the link- and press a star rating!



Irish Aubrac Society- Tuam Mart

Irish Aubrac Society Pedigree & Commercial Crossbred Breeding Sale.

The Irish Aubrac Society hosted their second sale in the West of Ireland on Monday 6th of April 2015 in Tuam Mart.

The sale entries included  four pedigree bulls, one pedigree heifer and  seventeen  Aubrac Crossbred Commercial  Heifers.

The Sale saw a clearance rate of 92 %, with one Pedigree bull and one pedigree heifer,unsold.

The sale saw an increase demand for Pedigree Registered Aubrac Bulls, purchased for breeding purposes.

Included in the sale, was De Buitlier Igoe, a Pedigree Aubrac Bull from the De Buitlier Aubrac Herd, Rathowen, Co. Westmeath. He was sired by Dolby (S1463) born on 09th December 2013 and weighing 735KG. Igoe was purchased by a breeder for €2,200, fetching top price of the sale. Igoe has already proven himself to be a success at such a young age,with excellent performance to date, taking first prize at the Tullamore Show- Bull Calf Class in 2014. He was also selected as the Reserve bull for the ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme 2015/2016.

Aubrac Crossbred Commerical Heifers made from €930- €1160, with the average price of €1051.

See full report of sale below:

Sales Report
Lot NoD.O.BSireBreedWeightPricePrice(€)/KG
226/11/2013Tenor- TNXAUX455KG€1,110€2.41/KG
302/12/2013Tenor- TNXAUX420KG€1,160€2.76/KG
403/12/2013Tenor- TNXAUX430KG€1,110€2.58/KG
521/01/2014Tenor- TNXAUX390KG€1,080€2.76/KG
619/03/2014Dreylands GeorgeAUX400KG€1,000€2.50/KG
723/02/2014Dreylands GeorgeAUX390KG€990€2.53/KG
818/03/2014Dreylands GeorgeAUX400KG€950€2.37/KG
918/03/2014Dreylands GeorgeAUX440KG€1,145€2.60/KG
1030/03/2014Dreylands GeorgeAUX420KG€1,130€2.69/KG
1127/03/2014Dreylands GeorgeAUX410KG€970€2.36/KG
1319/02/2014Merville BrutusAUX420KG€1,090€2.59/KG
1424/02/2014Merville BrutusAUX420KG€1,050€2.50/KG
1525/02/2014Merville BrutusAUX400KG€1,090€2.72/KG
1724/03/2014Ballinclea FestivalAUX450KG€1,045€2.32/KG
1826/03/2014Ballinclea FestivalAUX425KG€930€2.18/KG
2007/04/2014Ballinclea FestivalAUX400KG€1,010€2.52/KG
2110/05/2014Merville BrutusAUX420KG€1,000€2.38/KG
2502/03/2013Duroc.AU835KGUnsold ———–
Lot Number 22: Pedigree name of Animal: Ballyglunin Jimi. Sired by French AI Fenadou.
Lot Number 23: Pedigree name of Animal:  De Buitlier Ivor- Sired by French AI Fenadou.
Lot Number 24: Pedigree Name:De Buitlier Igoe- Sired by French AI Dolby.
Lot Number 25: Pedigree Name of Animal: Cloonmore Ian. – Sired by French AI Duroc.

De Buitlier Igoe sold for €2,200-Top price of the sale.