A New Breeding Venture for Aubrac Breeders

Aubracs genetically polled, now exclusive in close collaboration with Union Aubrac and Midatest. Our breeding results are recognised now by the French Breeding Authority. At present two of our pedigree B cows are on a French station for Embryo harvesting. Two pedigree heifers B and- we are so proud-two pedigree heifers A are on the way to France. From the pedigree heifers B female embryos are being produced and from the pedigree heifers, A male embryos are being produced, for reproduction.

From the union of the female progeny of B and of the male progeny of A homozygote bulls are produced. A long but very controllable process, in the thinking of Aubrac breeding. These are our future bull mothers for the Aubrac breed, genetically polled.

These heifers will produce embryos that will be sexed and genotyped. The process will be repeated over a few generations. Straws of poled Aubrac bulls should be available through Midatest in 2019.

Ernest Baumer has been working on this project for a long time and was very strict on the selection of the heifers. One of the points he insisted on, is that they had pretty heads.


One of the Aubrac Heifers involved in the programme.