Irish Aubrac Society- Tuam Mart

Irish Aubrac Society Pedigree & Commercial Crossbred Breeding Sale.

The Irish Aubrac Society hosted their second sale in the West of Ireland on Monday 6th of April 2015 in Tuam Mart.

The sale entries included  four pedigree bulls, one pedigree heifer and  seventeen  Aubrac Crossbred Commercial  Heifers.

The Sale saw a clearance rate of 92 %, with one Pedigree bull and one pedigree heifer,unsold.

The sale saw an increase demand for Pedigree Registered Aubrac Bulls, purchased for breeding purposes.

Included in the sale, was De Buitlier Igoe, a Pedigree Aubrac Bull from the De Buitlier Aubrac Herd, Rathowen, Co. Westmeath. He was sired by Dolby (S1463) born on 09th December 2013 and weighing 735KG. Igoe was purchased by a breeder for €2,200, fetching top price of the sale. Igoe has already proven himself to be a success at such a young age,with excellent performance to date, taking first prize at the Tullamore Show- Bull Calf Class in 2014. He was also selected as the Reserve bull for the ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme 2015/2016.

Aubrac Crossbred Commerical Heifers made from €930- €1160, with the average price of €1051.

See full report of sale below:

Sales Report
Lot No D.O.B Sire Breed Weight Price Price(€)/KG
2 26/11/2013 Tenor- TNX AUX 455KG €1,110 €2.41/KG
3 02/12/2013 Tenor- TNX AUX 420KG €1,160 €2.76/KG
4 03/12/2013 Tenor- TNX AUX 430KG €1,110 €2.58/KG
5 21/01/2014 Tenor- TNX AUX 390KG €1,080 €2.76/KG
6 19/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 400KG €1,000 €2.50/KG
7 23/02/2014 Dreylands George AUX 390KG €990 €2.53/KG
8 18/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 400KG €950 €2.37/KG
9 18/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 440KG €1,145 €2.60/KG
10 30/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 420KG €1,130 €2.69/KG
11 27/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 410KG €970 €2.36/KG
13 19/02/2014 Merville Brutus AUX 420KG €1,090 €2.59/KG
14 24/02/2014 Merville Brutus AUX 420KG €1,050 €2.50/KG
15 25/02/2014 Merville Brutus AUX 400KG €1,090 €2.72/KG
17 24/03/2014 Ballinclea Festival AUX 450KG €1,045 €2.32/KG
18 26/03/2014 Ballinclea Festival AUX 425KG €930 €2.18/KG
20 07/04/2014 Ballinclea Festival AUX 400KG €1,010 €2.52/KG
21 10/05/2014 Merville Brutus AUX 420KG €1,000 €2.38/KG
22 24/04/2014 Fenadou. AU 460KG €1,190 €2.58/KG
23 29/12/2013 Fenadou AU 630KG €1,530 €2.42/KG
24 09/12/2013 Dolby AU 735KG €2,200 €2.99/KG
25 02/03/2013 Duroc. AU 835KG Unsold  ———–
Lot Number 22: Pedigree name of Animal: Ballyglunin Jimi. Sired by French AI Fenadou.
Lot Number 23: Pedigree name of Animal:  De Buitlier Ivor- Sired by French AI Fenadou.
Lot Number 24: Pedigree Name:De Buitlier Igoe- Sired by French AI Dolby.
Lot Number 25: Pedigree Name of Animal: Cloonmore Ian. – Sired by French AI Duroc.

De Buitlier Igoe sold for €2,200-Top price of the sale.