Ireland’s Oldest Aubrac Cow?

Mudgee (Calverstown Aubracs) died on the 23rd of June 2015, in her sleep, lying in the sun.

At 19 years of age, she was rearing her 17th calf and doing a good job, as she had done all her life. According to ICBF,Mudgee was only a one star cow. To us she was our star. She had a calving interval of 368 days over 16 calvings and 374 including the 17th calving (11 bulls- 6 heifers). We never saw her go to the bull, we never saw her calve. Just found a lively little calf sucking in the morning. One of her calves died un-expectantly at a week old and she willingly reared another one. She goes back such a long way, we don’t have all the kill out figures from her progeny but from the ones we have she bred 5 Us and 2 Rs. 5 of her bull calves went on as stock bulls including 3 in pedigree herds, one of her daughters won the Aubrac Championship at the Tullamore show and 4 others are performing well in our herd. She had perfect feet, perfect udder, vet bills were nil and her temperament exceptionally sweet. In her younger days, and for many years, she was taken around the country to many shows as an exhibit, advertising the Aubrac breed and spreading the word.  In 1999 she appeared on the 9 o’clock news along with our bull of the time Nemrod. She was a little cow who made no noise, never put a foot wrong except at feeding time in the shed when those French horns came in to play. For that reason, she spent every winter out except for the last one when we finally felt sorry for her. Then was also the first time she got a taste of ration. If all cows behaved and performed as well as she did, there would be very little need for replacement heifers!

Mudgee cow

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