Any case of doubtful or suspect pedigree or any case of apparent irregularity of animal registration, breach of the Rules of Procedure or rules of the Breeding Programme by any member shall be dealt with by the Council and the following procedure shall be observed:

In the event of any information being received by the Secretary concerning any member of the Society, the Secretary shall inform the Chairman of the appropriate Committee who shall have
the power to decide whether prima facie the case requires investigation and to give instructions if necessary, to an employee of the Society or a member of his/her committee to make further investigations. Where the fault lies with the breeder, the Society would be entitled to claim a fee towards the expenses involved.

The investigating person, i.e., the person responsible for obtaining the facts, shall inform the member concerned of the nature of any irregularity referred to above as soon as is practical in order for the matter to be investigated or to establish additional information from the breeder/member. Such breeder will be expected to co-operate fully with any investigation and provide any relevant documentation requested or to facilitate a herd inspection where deemed necessary. The investigating person shall forward a copy of the report arising to the breeder/member and to the Editing Committee prior to a meeting where the case will be considered. Such breeder/member shall also be invited to attend, be represented at or submit oral evidence to this meeting of that Committee. When the case has been fully considered by the Editing Committee, they shall report to the next meeting of the Council who shall take such actions, as they may think fit. Following this meeting, the secretary will write to the member to inform them of the actions chosen by Council.