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Please consult with our Office to check availability of Straws.

                                                                      AI In France

The French  bull testing station of “La Borie de l’Aubrac”.

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La Borie de l’Aubrac.

Every year in France , approximately one hundred males are chosen on their individual performance : growth rate, conformation and functional characteristics. At the end of the intake the index is calculated by INRA (French breeding institute) based on daily weight gain weight for age, muscular development and skeletal development.

The animals are chosen for AI by a group of breeders appointed by the herd book and AI companies. 3 or 4 are picked by Midatest to go in to AI and the rest is sold to breeders  through the station (private sale and auction).

 What is the selection criteria?

On their mother : fertility : average calving interval, longevity ,number of calvings, age at first calving, milking ability and  ease of calving.

On the bull before entering the station : date of birth : preferably mid December to mid March, genealogy, weight at weaning, skeletal and muscular development, Functional ability. Must conform to the breed characteristics.

On the animal at the station : precocity : ability to show an adult format very quickly. Growth rate : weight for age, daily weight gain, monthly weighing and scoring at intake and coming out of the station.

Hardiness : feed efficiency on rough forage : ¾ of the ration is hay. Evaluation of the legs after being tied up (5 months on concrete). Calving ability : internal measurement of the pelvic opening.

Interactive Site: http://www.race-aubrac.com/en/outils/visite-interactive-borie.php


 Bulls available in Ireland:

  • Progressive Genetics- Duches ( DSH), Turin (TIN), Perlou (PRZ) , Rockhill Urbano(RLU)
  • Dovea Genetics: Tenor (TNX)
  • Bova AI– DPZ
  • ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme- Ballinclea Iveco (VEZ) (Contact ICBF or Society office for more information)

To avail of the straws from the Irish AI Companies, contact your local AI Technician/ Breeding Adviser.

There are also a number of Bulls available through the Society from Midatest, France.

To purchase these straws contact the Society office on 051- 641106 or Email: info@aubrac.ie

Download and fill the form with correct details and payment to purchase these Straws and return to the Society office-

Irish Aubrac Cattle Breed Society
Deerpark Farm Services
Co. Tipperary .

Straws are available to purchase by both Pedigree and Commercial Breeders.

Please ensure you include a second choice of bull and include AI Codes. See list of codes here

Price: €25 Euro from 1- 10 Straws ordered.

€20 Euro for 11 Straws and upwards.

We also have a committee of experienced Aubrac Breeders within the Society that can assist with selection of sires for both pedigree and commercial cows and heifers.

Committee Members 2018: 

Francis Donohoe: 087-2518332   

Francis Butler: 086-1647442      

John Walsh: 0876786466

Mireille Mc Call: 0863451373


Download the purchase form here

Johnstown Keith 1358

Name: Johnstown Keith 1358 Station: ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal breeding programme AI Code: AU4214 Eurostar Report: See here. Keith boasts a replacement index of €174, terminal index of €132 and calving difficulty of 1.10%. (May 2017 evaluation) The November-2015 son of Heritier boasts five stars within and across the breed for both replacement and terminal.

Deerpark Kevin

Name: Deerpark Kevin Station: Eurogene AI station. AI Code: AU4309 Kevin has a replacement index of €176, a terminal index of €140 and a calving difficulty of 1.4%. (May 2017 Evaluation) Full Euro-star report can be found here.

Calverstown Koala

Calverstown Koala is the latest Aubrac bull selected by ICBF for the ICBF G€N€ Ireland Programme. AI Code: S2365 He is a 5 star bull for both Maternal and Terminal indexes, with a rating of €163 on replacement index and an estimated calving difficulty of 3.3%. He has a very placid temperament. He is the… Read more »

Slaneymill Jack 687

As part of the G€N€ Ireland Beef Breeding Maternal Programme 2015/2016, Slaneymill Jack 687 is now available.   Name: Slaneymill Jack 687. Breeder: Alfred E Hanbidge, Beechdale, Stratford- On-Slaney, Baltinglass, Co. Wicklow. Sire: Roussel Date of Birth: 19 March 2014 AI Code: AU2155 Cost : €5 per straw. Eurostar Report:  See here. The bulls involved in… Read more »


Bull compact and welded generation inherited from his father Urubu. Andalou is a reference for its easy calving, its Race Qualities and thicknesses. Easy calving sire. Should be of the coupling on animals with the size. Do not use on bloodlines of Urubu or  Festival. AI Code: S577 Available through The Society Office.


Elegant bull. Heritier is a continuation of his father Capitain and famous mother Usange. It should provide full satisfaction to work the morphological accumulation but also functional ability and longevity. AI Code: Available through the Irish Aubrac Society


A complete bull. Very good female renewal Qualities of Breed and breeding. Happy is a complete bull with the length and chest depth. Happy makes an interesting choice to produce replacement females. A complete bull. Qualities of Breed and breeding


calving safety and muscles as well. This mixte/beef type bull is blocky, solid and even. He brings muscle and good top line without altering breed qualities. Can be used on heifers and recommended on tall cows. Do not use on daughters of Lioran and Ushuaia.


Multiple safety. He has become well known for his ease of calving and weanling production. Solid genetic background, with maternal qualities inherited from his sire Bogosse. Producer of good quality docile replacements. AI Code: S1462 Available to order through Society Office.