Duches first calves have started to arrive to both Pedigree and Commercial Cows and have not disappointed.

Impressive progeny.

Progeny have exceptional width, super hindquarters, tops, and impressive weight gain

Good choice for plain cows. A suitable sire for dairy cows.

ICBF figures very low reliability – New bloodline

Use this bull with confidence.

Pedigree: Vaillant X C.Martin Narquois X Ablanquou


AI Code: DSH

AI Company: Progressive Genetics.

Straws available for €10

Available to purchase through your local AI Technican or buy online: http://www.progressivegenetics.ie/Store/Detail/DUCHES

Delivery usually 1-2 Weeks.

duches photo 2



Paul Keating – August born Duches – DSH heifer out of a BBxFR cow born unassisted, Pauls “first year using aubrac (all DSH) have 5 or 6 calves on the ground and must say very impressed all have good weight gain and shape and easily calved”

dsh daughter out of chx cow