Aubrac-Popular Sire Selection for Dairy Cows

Joe O’ Neill, Dairy Farmer

Joe O Neill is a dairy farmer in West Wicklow who runs a herd of 100 Cows.

Traditionally, the herd has consisted of Holstein Friesian cows.

Joe was introduced to the Aubrac Breed, four years ago by his silage contractor. Prior to his introduction to the Aubrac Breed, he had been using Angus sires on his cows, but due to calving difficulties he made the change to running an Aubrac Stockbull with his cows.

The Aubrac Breed appealed immensely to Joe for many reasons, which included the easy calving and the small birth weight of the calves -35KG-45KG. Joe has been very impressed with how small the calves are when born, but turn out to be such excellent animals.


‘ I sell all the calves both bulls and heifers. The heifers are popular with the suckler farmers, as they are in search in top quality replacement and the Aubrac x FR heifers have all the maternal qualities- ease of calving, docility, fertility and profitability, the full package.

‘ I also sell the Bull calves and they are in high demand for feedlots, ticking all the right boxes in terms of correct specifications for factories, excellent kill-out results and easy fed’

‘ I sell all my calves from the farm, no need to go to the mart, farmers are starting to find out how impressive the Aubrac breed really is’ .


Joe feels that the Aubrac Crossbred heifer makes an excellent suckler cow and are becoming a very popular choice in the West Wicklow area and beyond.

‘ I would encourage other Dairy farmers, to consider the usage of Aubrac Sires. My plan is to continue using Aubrac, over the next number of years using AI Sires, as there is a wider selection available. Upon until recent I ran an Aubrac Stockbull with my cows’