Aubrac Memberships




 New Membership/Prefix/First Timer’s Share Fee ( Share Value €1)


 Calf Registration- Female at Birth


 ( €45 Direct Debit)

N.I €50. 

 Calf Registration- Male at Birth


 Replacement Certificate or Certificate in New Owner’s name.


 Importation- Female or Male for use on Pedigree Herd


N.I €100 

 Register of Embryo

(  Forms to be requested from the office)


 Amended Embryo

(  Forms to be requested from the office)


 Appeal Fee


 Late Registration Fee for Males + Females



 Failed Genomic/ Dna Replacement Certificates

Animals not paid for within 5 months of birth, will be treated as a late registration fee.



 All animals registered will be charged to the Breeder.

  Breeder is the only one that can register stock.

 All heifers registered over 12 Months has to be DNA for Parentage

 Animals purchased before 31/12/13- Transfer Fee €15

Animal purchased 01/01/14 onwards €18 

  Late penalty will apply to all animals not registered as Pedigree at birth.

 Direct Debit System is available, please request the form from the society office if required.

 AI Straws are also available from the Society office. €25 per straw up to 10 straws, €20 per straw for 11 and over. Contact office for further details.

 All membership is due on the 1st of January every year.

 Members accounts that are not paid at the end of the year  31/12 will be unable to register stock the following year.

2016 Registration Letter: L

2017 Registration Letter: M