Irish Farmers on Twitter

@IrelandsFarmers is a twitter account with an interesting initiative behind it, organised by the Agchatirl group consisting of six members – Thomas Duffy, Marita Kelly, Fionnuala Malone, Paudie O’Brien, Sarah Vanden Broeck and Lorna Sixsmith.

An #agchatirl tweetchat is  also held on Wednesday evenings 9-10pm, which involves focusing in on different topics such as farm safety, agricultual shows events ect.

Running for over a year now, seeing a total of 52 farmers tweeting from the account including 30 male farmers , 21 female farmers and a cat.

Every week, a new Irish farmer is selected to tweet on the account. The tweeting commences on the Monday morning right through until Sunday evening.

The account now has over 6,000 followers.

The IrelandsFarmers twitter account has a number of functions and aims:

  • To educate consumers about the production of food in Ireland
  • To showcase Irish farming and food production
  • To provide twitter followers with a means to ask questions and learn about the different farming practices
  • To enable farmers to network, grow their following, connect with new followers and discuss any issues important to them
  • For enjoyment – all farmers seem to enjoy tweeting for the week, taking photographs of their farm, answering questions, inviting discussion.

Two Irish Aubrac breeders have tweeted on the account so far-Shane Mc Auliffe and Catherina Cunnane.

If any of our breeders are interesting in curating for the week, (which we would strongly advise) tweet the Agchatirl team- @agchatirl, or send Lorna Sixsmith an email-

Read more on Lorna Sixsmith’s blog: See here