Perlou(PRZ) listed in the Top 50 Active AI Sires- Spring 2015

ICBF have recently released the top 50 Active AI Spring Sires of 2015.

Among them is Perlou- PRZ, AI Aubrac Bull, coming in at number twenty five.

Perlou has a maternal index of €165 , with a reliability figure of 86%  and a terminal index of  €110 with a reliability figure of 89%.

He is available from Progressive Genetics at €10 per straw. Order now through your AI Technican or purchase online via their website.

They describe him as a bull that is leaving lovely progeny behind him.

See Euro-star Report

See more details of Perlou here.



ICBF Featured Bull of the week- Turin

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ICBF’s Featured Bull of the week for the week commencing 16th March 2015 was Turin (TIN).


Read the Article:


Turin is an AI Bull available through Progressive Genetics at €12 per straw. Semen can be ordered through your local AI Technican or the Progressive Genetics website- online shop.

Progressive Genetics describes him as ‘ A solid bull, ticking all the boxes, with average calving’

See his Eurostar report here

Turin has sired several bulls that have entered into French AI- Midatest.



Pedigree Aubrac Team- Johnstown Densie 5804 and her bull calf sired by Turin( TIN)

   Pedigree Aubrac Team- Johnstown Denise 5804 and her bull calf sired by Turin( TIN) – Derrybrack Halt, sold for Commercial Breeding.

TIN daughter

TIN daughter





Vote for Derrybrack Aubracs

The ICFTA( Irish Cattle Foot Trimmers Association)  is currently holding a photo competition.

Among the entries include ‘Mayo Models’ an entry from Derrybrack Aubracs, an Aubrac and Aubrac Crossbred Herd based in Kilkelly Co. Mayo.

Derrybrack Aubracs

Derrybrack Aubracs- ‘Mayo Models’

The entry is a photo of some of the Herd’s Pedigree and Commerical crossbred Aubrac calves.

They would appreciate your support by voting for them!

To vote, click the link- and press a star rating!



Irish Aubrac Society- Tuam Mart

Irish Aubrac Society Pedigree & Commercial Crossbred Breeding Sale.

The Irish Aubrac Society hosted their second sale in the West of Ireland on Monday 6th of April 2015 in Tuam Mart.

The sale entries included  four pedigree bulls, one pedigree heifer and  seventeen  Aubrac Crossbred Commercial  Heifers.

The Sale saw a clearance rate of 92 %, with one Pedigree bull and one pedigree heifer,unsold.

The sale saw an increase demand for Pedigree Registered Aubrac Bulls, purchased for breeding purposes.

Included in the sale, was De Buitlier Igoe, a Pedigree Aubrac Bull from the De Buitlier Aubrac Herd, Rathowen, Co. Westmeath. He was sired by Dolby (S1463) born on 09th December 2013 and weighing 735KG. Igoe was purchased by a breeder for €2,200, fetching top price of the sale. Igoe has already proven himself to be a success at such a young age,with excellent performance to date, taking first prize at the Tullamore Show- Bull Calf Class in 2014. He was also selected as the Reserve bull for the ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme 2015/2016.

Aubrac Crossbred Commerical Heifers made from €930- €1160, with the average price of €1051.

See full report of sale below:

Sales Report
Lot No D.O.B Sire Breed Weight Price Price(€)/KG
2 26/11/2013 Tenor- TNX AUX 455KG €1,110 €2.41/KG
3 02/12/2013 Tenor- TNX AUX 420KG €1,160 €2.76/KG
4 03/12/2013 Tenor- TNX AUX 430KG €1,110 €2.58/KG
5 21/01/2014 Tenor- TNX AUX 390KG €1,080 €2.76/KG
6 19/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 400KG €1,000 €2.50/KG
7 23/02/2014 Dreylands George AUX 390KG €990 €2.53/KG
8 18/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 400KG €950 €2.37/KG
9 18/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 440KG €1,145 €2.60/KG
10 30/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 420KG €1,130 €2.69/KG
11 27/03/2014 Dreylands George AUX 410KG €970 €2.36/KG
13 19/02/2014 Merville Brutus AUX 420KG €1,090 €2.59/KG
14 24/02/2014 Merville Brutus AUX 420KG €1,050 €2.50/KG
15 25/02/2014 Merville Brutus AUX 400KG €1,090 €2.72/KG
17 24/03/2014 Ballinclea Festival AUX 450KG €1,045 €2.32/KG
18 26/03/2014 Ballinclea Festival AUX 425KG €930 €2.18/KG
20 07/04/2014 Ballinclea Festival AUX 400KG €1,010 €2.52/KG
21 10/05/2014 Merville Brutus AUX 420KG €1,000 €2.38/KG
22 24/04/2014 Fenadou. AU 460KG €1,190 €2.58/KG
23 29/12/2013 Fenadou AU 630KG €1,530 €2.42/KG
24 09/12/2013 Dolby AU 735KG €2,200 €2.99/KG
25 02/03/2013 Duroc. AU 835KG Unsold  ———–
Lot Number 22: Pedigree name of Animal: Ballyglunin Jimi. Sired by French AI Fenadou.
Lot Number 23: Pedigree name of Animal:  De Buitlier Ivor- Sired by French AI Fenadou.
Lot Number 24: Pedigree Name:De Buitlier Igoe- Sired by French AI Dolby.
Lot Number 25: Pedigree Name of Animal: Cloonmore Ian. – Sired by French AI Duroc.

De Buitlier Igoe sold for €2,200-Top price of the sale.

ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal Bull Breeding Programme

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Ballinclea Iveco ( AI Code VEZ) was selected as part of the ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme.

He is a 5 Star rated bull for Maternal with a value of €241.
Straws are available since the end of September 2014.

iveco bull

Ballinclea Iveco


Ballinclea Iveco’s dam Ballinclea Babette is a 5 straw cow with a materal rating of €233. As a result of this excellent Maternal Rating, Ballinclea Babette recieveda Champion of Champion Award ‘Super Cow 2015’ at the recent RDS Presentation.
She is exceptionally docile and has excellent milking ability.
His sire is Dreylands Fred, who is by Causse Ureinou, a long powerful bull who has bred excellent females. Iveco’s grand dam is Ballinclea Virginia who is very docile and also has excellent milkinrgability and is a 5 star cow with a maternal rating of €207. Iveco’s great grand dam is Jeannie Baifol Sarita (03Fr) purchased in France with a maternal value of €304. Her first calf was born on 04/02.04 and her most recent calf was born on 1/04/14 with a consistent calving interval. All females from this cow has been retained within the herd.

ballinclea babette award

Presentation- Champion of Champion RDS winner- ‘Super Cow 2015’


For more information contact:

Niall Kilraine ICBF- on 081958218

Angela Lacey, Society Office on: 051-641106

Tuam Mart Sale

Agriland Feature on the Irish Aubrac Society Breeding Sale which is to be held at Tuam Mart on Easter Monday, 6th of April 2015.

Read more here 

View images of the stock for sale here 

Meet Catherina, Aubrac Female Farmer

Would You Marry A Farmer Author, Lorna Sixsmith, recently caught up with Catherina Cunnane on her blog, as part of her ongoing research of Females involved in Agriculture.

Throughout the interview,we got an insight into what life is like as a young female farmer and her passion for Aubrac Cattle.

I first met Catherina of Derrybrack Aubracs on twitter and was struck by her enthusiasm for her beloved Aubrac cattle. It all stemmed from a win of an Aubrac calf some years ago. She is hugely passionate about farming and bodes well for Ireland’s future farmers if many of them are as enthusiastic as Catherina.

Read more here:


Irish Farmers Journal Heifer & Hogget Competition U14 Winner

Owen McGinley, Creeselough Donegal, is a successful contestant of the Irish Farmers Journal Heifer and Hoggot Competition which took place at the Tullamore Show in August of 2013. He was the luckywinner of the Aubrac Crossbred heifer sponsored by the Society and bred by Mr Francis Donohoe of Johnstown Aubracs, Collinstown, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath.

The Breed Societies of Ireland and the Farmers Journal run this competition to raise awareness of Ireland’s upcoming farmers, by granting them the opportunity to start their own herd, by winning a heifer or winning a hogget to start their own flock.


Owen is the second young farmer to win an Aubrac Heifer , with Catherina Cunnane winning the first sponsored heifer in 2011 and Eoin Cooper becoming the latest winner of the Aubrac Heifer in this competition in 2014.

Introducing the Aubrac Breed to the Hills Of Donegal.

My name Owen McGinley, age 14 from a small village in the north of Donegal, called Creeslough. In 2013 myself & my mum read an article in the Farmers Journal about the Heifer & Hogget competition for young Irish Farmers. My mum suggested I should enter but I was reluctant as I didn’t think I stood a chance! Eventually I plucked up the courage to write an article as entry for the competition. It included description of our farm, our breeding programme etc. We had both forgot completely about it until one day we got a call saying I was picked as a finalist! To say I was shocked was an understatement! We were invited along to the Tullamore Show, Co. Offaly, where I was told I would be interviewed individually by a panel of expert judges! I was ridiculously nervous & even more so when I heard that other boys that were also finalists had huge farms,numbers! I on the other hand had a small modest farm, worked by myself & my mum!

After I had been interviewed by several judges, we had an opportunity to go & enjoy the show.


Owen impressing one of the Judges- Ernest Mackey with his knowledge!



I went straight to the Heifers & Hoggets that were penned as the prizes for the winners. Straight of, the Aubrac caught my eye, even though I wasn’t familiar with the breed, she was a beautiful animal & everything I look for in a heifer!

Maisey, at the Tullamore Show

Maisey, at the Tullamore Show.

At 2 pm we were called back to the stage. The judges had made their decision. Again I thought I didn’t stand a chance, then the U 14 winner was announced & it was ME!!! If that wasn’t a big enough shock I drew the Aubrac heifer as my prize! That was definitely the cherry on top! The rest of that day was a blur!


Owen( middle) pictured with Nathan Tuffy (Journalist, Irish Farmers Journal) and Ernest Mackey( Irish Aubrac Society)

Since the day we took Maisey up to the hills of Donegal, we have never looked back! She fitted into our herd perfectly like she was there from a calf! We had hoped to get Maisey ai’d to an Aubrac but unfortunately things didn’t go to plan on that score, but all was not lost as we got her in calf to our Pedigree charolais stockbull & she is due to calf in the coming weeks!


Maisey happily settling in The Hills!


She maintained herself extremely well over the harsh Donegal winter & is in tip top condition now & even showing a nice udder. At the feeder she loves nothing more than a nice pet & scratch! I am so excited & cannot wait for her to calf! I am hopeful all will go well & she’ll be a great mammy!
Hopefully next year I’ll get Maisey in calf to an Aubrac. They are not a very common breed up here, but what I’ve seen of the breed so far I definitely hope to continue breeding Aubracs!
I am currently in 3rd year at St. Eunans College & about to sit my Junior Cert this summer. Last summer I attended DCU to study Veterinary Science as this would be my dream job. In my senior cycle at school I have already chosen my subjects to study Veterinary. Fingers crossed!

Update- Maisey has since calved down with a super heifer calf!





Irish Aubrac Breeders Visit Slaney Foods.

Members of the Irish Aubrac Society visited Slaney Foods on 3rd of Februrary 2015, to coincide with the killing of Alfie Hanbidge’s Aubrac Crossbred Heifers and steers.

They received a very informed, guided tour of the Factory, which consisted of slaughter through to the cold storage and the de-boning hall.

The unique visit gave the visitors an insight into the Factory Production Enterprise.

Slaney Meats are very aware of Aubrac and Aubrac Cross high- quality carcasses and they are very keen to purchase and promote.

Alfie’s load of cattle were seen before and after slaughter. They were the first Aubrac Crossbreds to be killed from his farm.

Their carcass weights were 30kgs heavier then the two previous year’s cattle and they were finished a month earlier.

The cattle were housed on 10th of November 2014 and killed on 3rd February 2015. Their diet consisted of silage, 20kgs of fodder beat, 5kgs of beef nuts and 1KG of Soya Plus Minerals.

Results of steers slaughtered from the farm.


Average Dead Weight of Steers: 402.7 KG


Results of Crossbred Aubrac Heifers slaughtered from the farm.

kill out

Average Weight for the Heifers: 358.21

Tullamore Show & Sale October 2014


Weanling Heifers Average: €1100

Breeding Heifers Average: €1350

Bulls: €1950- €2500