Irish Aubrac Breeders Visit Slaney Foods.

Members of the Irish Aubrac Society visited Slaney Foods on 3rd of Februrary 2015, to coincide with the killing of Alfie Hanbidge’s Aubrac Crossbred Heifers and steers.

They received a very informed, guided tour of the Factory, which consisted of slaughter through to the cold storage and the de-boning hall.

The unique visit gave the visitors an insight into the Factory Production Enterprise.

Slaney Meats are very aware of Aubrac and Aubrac Cross high- quality carcasses and they are very keen to purchase and promote.

Alfie’s load of cattle were seen before and after slaughter. They were the first Aubrac Crossbreds to be killed from his farm.

Their carcass weights were 30kgs heavier then the two previous year’s cattle and they were finished a month earlier.

The cattle were housed on 10th of November 2014 and killed on 3rd February 2015. Their diet consisted of silage, 20kgs of fodder beat, 5kgs of beef nuts and 1KG of Soya Plus Minerals.

Results of steers slaughtered from the farm.


Average Dead Weight of Steers: 402.7 KG


Results of Crossbred Aubrac Heifers slaughtered from the farm.

kill out

Average Weight for the Heifers: 358.21