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Ballinclea Iveco ( AI Code VEZ) was selected as part of the ICBF G€N€ Ireland Maternal Beef Breeding Programme.

He is a 5 Star rated bull for Maternal with a value of €241.
Straws are available since the end of September 2014.

iveco bull

Ballinclea Iveco


Ballinclea Iveco’s dam Ballinclea Babette is a 5 straw cow with a materal rating of €233. As a result of this excellent Maternal Rating, Ballinclea Babette recieveda Champion of Champion Award ‘Super Cow 2015’ at the recent RDS Presentation.
She is exceptionally docile and has excellent milking ability.
His sire is Dreylands Fred, who is by Causse Ureinou, a long powerful bull who has bred excellent females. Iveco’s grand dam is Ballinclea Virginia who is very docile and also has excellent milkinrgability and is a 5 star cow with a maternal rating of €207. Iveco’s great grand dam is Jeannie Baifol Sarita (03Fr) purchased in France with a maternal value of €304. Her first calf was born on 04/02.04 and her most recent calf was born on 1/04/14 with a consistent calving interval. All females from this cow has been retained within the herd.

ballinclea babette award

Presentation- Champion of Champion RDS winner- ‘Super Cow 2015’


For more information contact:

Niall Kilraine ICBF- on 081958218

Angela Lacey, Society Office on: 051-641106